Shine Like The Son

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My Savior, My God/ Mi Salvador, Mi Dios

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I am not skilled to understand

What God has willed what God has planned

I only know at His right hand

Stands one who is my Savior


I take Him at His Word and deed

Christ died to save me this I read

And in my heart I find a need

Of Him to be my Savior


That He would leave His place on high

And come for sinful man to die

You count it strange, so once did I

Before I knew my Savior


My Savior loves, My Savior lives
My Savior's always there for me
My God, He was, my God, He is
My God is always gonna be


Estas conmigo para siempre

Me llenas con tu amor sin par

Por mis pecados tu moriste

Hoy vives y eres mi Rey


Que El dejara su lugar

Venir morir por mis pecados

Y es dificil entender

Si no conoces quien es El


Mi Salvador eres amor

Tu eres todo para mi

Mi Dios lo fue, Mi Dios lo es

Mi Dios por siempre tu seras


Words and Music by Aaron Shust & Dorothy Dora Greenwell, Spanish translation: Josh & Martha Lopez

and Juan Carlos Rendon, © 2005 Bridge Building Music, Inc / White Spot Publishing (Admin.Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing) BMI