Your Grace Is Enough

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You Are

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You are my bread when I am hungry

You are my stength when I am weak

You are the truth when I've been lied to

You are the answer that I seek

You are my water when I'm thirsty

You are my light when it is dark

You are my rock when I am breaking

You are the healer of my heart


You are the Alphan and Omega

You are the bright and morning star

Everything that I could ever need

Jesus, You are


You are the way when I am wayward

You are the truth when I'm a liar

You are the life when I am dying

You are my rescue from the fire

You are the door when I am knocking

You are the shepherd when I'm lost

You are the Lord, You are the Son of God

you are the Lamb who bore my cross


Words and music by Karl Kohlhase