From the recording Shine Like The Son


How beautiful are the hands and feet of thoseBringing the good news to all the world (2x’s)How beautiful
The sound of all Your people in loveWith someone so much greater than
ThemselvesSomeone so much greater than themselvesYou've made us readyTo Shine like the Son, Shine like the SonShine like the Son for everyoneFor everyone, For everyoneHow beautiful are the hands and feet of thoseWorking in the vineyard of the Lord (2x’s)Blessed are those
Going in the name of the LordIn the middle of the lost and the poorWe're living in the name of the LordYou've made us ready, You've made us worthyAnnouncing peace
As the prodigals come homeYou open up the doors
and the prodigals come homeSetting the captives free by Your wordAnd You free us by Your wordYes, You free us by Your word
Words and music by Matt Maher ©2008 Thankyou Music (PRS) (admin. worldwide by EMI CMG Publishing excluding Europe, which is adm. by Publishing (BMI) (adm. by EMI CMG Publ.)