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  1. Behold The Lamb

From the recording Behold The Lamb


I am sheep was wondering
Upon my plight was pondering
Tired of all my wandering, wondering how I'd find the way
'Till an angel shone to me and pointed towards the sky
Where I saw the host of heaven and I heard the angels cry
Behold the Lamb, the lamb who once was slain
Who was crucified and for our sins He bore the pain
then He rose up from the grave and He's comin' back again
To Him praise and honor, glory and power
We wait for the hour when You're comin' back again
Once all was lost we all like sheep had gone astray
So He made himself like one of us to show for us the way
Entroned forever, who-o-a!
Unseated never, no-o-o!
Send Your grace like fire from the sky
He is alive, He is alive
Burning with His Spirit let the nations hear it
Jesus Christ is Lord, and He's comin' back again
Praise, glory, honor to the gift of God most high
Tell the world by your behavior
He's the Savior of your lives
Words and music by Bob Rice